A2010 was built in the Addinton workshops in Christchurch in 1943 being a 56' steel clad,  timber framed Carriage which was originally built as Ambulance car. These had a sterilising room in one end , bunks for 20 paitents and large doors and the oppisite end to the sterilising room for loading and unloading the stretchers. In 1948 is was converted to single compartment first class cars  with seating for 32 passengers.

This type of carriage was recently still in revenue service with Kiwi Rail having been altered many times. Of all the 56ft cars preserved 2010 along with A2001 now owned by Feilding and Districts Steam Rail Society and one other preserved at Steam Incorparated are the only ones to retain there original windows. The others having been retro fitted with "super vent" bus type windows.

A2001 and A2010 were withdrawn from service in 1975 and stored for a period at Marton awaiting scrapping when they were purchased by SSR Member Keith Magnussen and moved to Seaview and used on open days. There steam heating equipment was very welcome during winter time. Moved on the "big move" train to SSR in 1984.

Both A2001 and A2010 have been used during filming of a documentary about the Tangiwai railway disaster in 2003. In 2008 A2001 was moved to Feilding for restoration by Feilding Steam Rail. In 2018 ownership of A2001 was transfered to the Feilding Group. 2010 remains in storage at SSR.