R.M.34 NZR Publicity

R.M.34 named Tainui, has a similar history to R.M.30 except it was built with the seating arrangement it currently has as opposed to R.M.30 originally having a first class compartment. R.M.34 was the first of the Standard railcars to be repainted in the red livery. Retired in 1972, 34 was originally purchased as a source of spare parts but it was quickly decided that it would remain in operating condition.

The 2 railcars were occasionally seen running together at the Seaview site before transfer to Silverstream in 1984. 34 took a back seat while R.M.30 enjoyed more attention but in the late 90s a start was made on repairs to its bodywork and interior. 

Some furthur work to repair the wiring problems that stopped the car being used have been fixed and it is now able to have the engines run again. The interior  has been refurbished and  the  seats have been refitted. R.M.34 was recently moved into our new future display shed facility, to enable Crane 124 to be moved inside out of the elements and take its place in the carriage shed.